Kitting places all campaign elements in a single kit before shipment to stores. Co-​packing places product into a pre-​built display ready for unwrapping and use. With 40,000 square feet of designated co-packing space, Proactive Group has the capabilities to handle multiple projects at once, consulting and supporting our clients from start to finish.

Save time and labour costs by outsourcing this project to us. We use our expertise to manage the labour and process of the kitting, assembly and distribution of finished goods to the end user. Rest assured that items will be kitted in a timely, cost-effective manner. We can create customized kits that are assembled and shipped as one unit as per your specific instructions and defined due date.

An on-​site wrap-​making facility connects all pieces to maximize shipping safety while minimizing wasted space. Our large storage and cargo handling facility carries out extensive co-packing activities with flexibility and efficiency.

We also offer sorting activities, display assembly, packaging, labeling, final assemblies and more.