Overseeing and controlling the ordering, storage and sale of a company’s products requires trust, integrity, experience and knowledge. We know that a company’s inventory is one of its major assets and represents an investment that is tied up until the item is sold, or used in the production of an item that is sold. It costs money to store, track and insure client inventory. For this reason, our inventory management requires:

  1. A purchasing plan to ensure enough items are available when needed
  2. A monitoring plan for existing inventory and its use

We offer customized inventory management strategies. Customers can receive items as needed (instead of maintaining high inventory levels) or schedule material deliveries based on sales forecasts. We optimize the inventory configuration throughout our customers supply chain through strategic positioning and deployment.

Our inventory management services include:

  • Continuous replenishment:  We manage information and product movements to create a continuous flow
  • Inventory optimization: We optimize our client inventory levels at the individual product level by balancing service and cost
  • Inventory ownership: We take control and ownership of our client inventory to improve their balance sheet.
  • Vendor managed inventory: We manage inventory for our clients and their suppliers to improve our client’s cash-to-cash cycle.