Your products are valuable. Maintaining that value until they are shipped is a necessity. We ensure proper and secure storage until the products reach their final destination. By utilizing our State of the art W\MS system and facility quality controls, we can ensure your product is stored in the proper, safe location. The product is fully traceable and is assigned a specific warehouse location for easy order processing and identification.

Our modern warehouse space is electronically secured 24/7 and monitored by full-time security as an added layer of protection for our clients products. The space is also climate controlled and offers high-cube storage capabilities. Heated during the winter months and kept cool in the summer, the space maintains a constant, moderate temperature level throughout the year.

We have facilities that are P.I.P, C.F.I.A., GMP & HACCP certified, so our clients can rest assure the policies, procedures and security is in place to handle any type of product, storage or distribution.