Proactive Group offers full-service distribution, accommodating the third-party logistics (3PL) requirements of any organization. Our facilities are designed to handle storage, distribution, fulfillment, kitting or co-packing programs of any size. Our full Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability ensures order accuracy and fast order processing. Using a standardized format, business information is sent electronically from our facility to our trading partners. This allows for quick and accurate online access for clients to view all orders, inventory levels and shipments at any time.
We have facilities that are certified, and audited, to ensure quality and security to our clients. Some of these Certifications include:

  • P.I.P. Certified (Partners in Protection – CBSA Designation)
  • G.M.P. Certified (Good Manufacturing Practice – AIB Designation)
  • C.F.I.A. Certified (Canadian Food Inspection Agency – Government Designation)
  • H.A.C.C.P Certified (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point – Food Safety Designation)