About Us

Proactive Supply Chain Solutions was founded in 2007 as a client-centric 3PL company. Through continued evolution and advancement, we have built upon our expertise in integrating comprehensive, tailored solutions that meet the needs of our clients through the implementation of the Proactive Transportation and Proactive Specialized Logistics divisions.

Proactive Group of Companies provides the key elements, full-service and support to ensure clients receive the best results using integrated, tested and successful solutions.


Proactive Customized Innovative Solution Programs: Our unique and distinctive programs are custom-built around the needs of our clients. We provide a full suite of services and systematic solutions that maintain an accurate flow of information, tracking and monitoring from the originating point to the final destination.


Proactive Approach:

We simplify, quantify, qualify and specify the complex logistics behind getting cargo from point A to point B. We take pride in our client-centric, customized approach to logistics and transportation management.


Proactive Full-Scale Supply Chain Solutions:

Our integrity is built on being a prominent member of a major global logistics network. The transportation of goods from source to destination, anywhere in the world, takes the full visibility and monitoring of our highly-trained specialists. We provide solutions using every mode of transportation, through every corner of the world, for every circumstance.


Communication and Transparency:

When cargo is in transit, the flow of information and access to client accounts are always accessible to all stakeholders. Additionally, our clients have full, online access to inventory levels, shipment status, costs and a full range of KPI Reports when they need it.


Planning and Partnership:

We stay current on information about the local, national and global logistics landscapes while maintaining a level of excellence for the evolving needs of our clients. By monitoring available options, opportunities and potential obstacles, we are able to consistently streamline supply chains effectively and efficiently.

Our Team / Leadership

The foundation of our success is our people. They are our most valued assets. We firmly believe in creating a workplace environment where each employee is actively involved in the growth of Proactive Group. Working together to achieve a common goal and optimum solutions is a commitment to ourselves and our clients.